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SKU 01625-01

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 70CL

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LOUIS XIII was born in 1874, thanks to the genius of a man named Paul Emile Rémy Martin (great-grand-son of Rémy Martin). He had the vision to create a cognac with the oldest eaux-de-vie in the House, using a splendid bottle decorated with fleurs de lys. He named this very special cognac after the 17th-century French King Louis XIII, who was the first French monarch to recognise cognac as a category of brandy in its own right. It is also a tribute to the time when the House of Rémy Martin was first established in the Cognac region. The LOUIS XIII Decanter A cognac this significant deserved some extraordinary setting, so Paul-Émile chose to bottle his precious liquid in an ornate decanter, based on a simple 16th-century flask, decorated with fleurs-de-lys, that had been discovered on a battlefield in Jarnac, France. The LOUIS XIII decanter was brought to life with exquisite detailing and sealed with an elegant stopper. The unique shape and finish of the LOUIS XIII decanter has remained mostly unchanged to this day, each one hand-cut, blown and individually engraved and numbered so that no two decanters are the same.

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